Real Estate & Construction

Not only do we assist clients with the sale and purchase of their real property but we also advise them on everything they need to know on planning and permitting. We advise individuals who wish to sell, buy or lease real property, as well as investors involved in the real estate business. We have lawyers who have a deep understanding of this area of law and can help with the planning and permitting, sale and purchase, residential, commercial and building leases as well as with any other matters relevant to this area of law. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to render the following legal services:
1. Drafting of sale contracts, lease agreements, real estate pledge agreements (including those of lots, buildings and constructions) and registration of the respective rights arising out of those deals at state authorities;
2. Due diligence on issues re real estate and land law;
3. Drafting of legal opinions and memoranda on real estate and land law.